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I have always identified as an athlete and when it came to choosing a career, I wanted to do something that combined my love for sport with my desire to help others. Sport psychology is a new, rapidly growing field that addresses the mental health and well-being of athletes that is not traditionally addressed in physical training. 


Have you ever heard the saying, "Sports are 90% mental!" ? It is my understanding that people say this in order to communicate the importance of the mental game. But, do people really spend 90% of their time working on the mental game? Likely, no. My graduate training in sport pscyhology has provided me with tools and interventions to explore and develop the mental portion of sport so that athletes can see greater success in their performance domain. 


I received my Master's degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver in 2015 and returned home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to start a private practice. My training has provided me with a deep understanding of the challenges and obstacles athletes face. I have experience working with a wide range of sports: soccer, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, football, crew, running, basketball....and more!


Thank you for your interest in sport psychology. I hope to hear from you soon! 


Kaitlyn Carey, MA, LMHC

C| 425.243.2543

E| kaitlyn@counselingonmadison.com


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